The technopark is located one kilometer away from the highway Riga – Talsi, it is connected to it by the asphalted road. The remoteness from the nearest city of Talsi is 20 km. Electric capacities of the object are not limited, the height of the buildings allows to place various industrial equipment. On the object there is local heating, water supply and the sewerage. The technopark has telephone connections, there is an opportunity to connect to the Internet. Regular bus service between Riga and Talsi is provided.

  1. Hanger (reinforced concrete, wooden, slate covering, electricity, no heating)
  2. Hanger (reinforced concrete, wooden, slate covering, electricity, no heating)
  3. Metallic hanger (electricity, no heating)
  4. Industrial premises (heating, electricity, water supply, sewerage)
  5. Warehouse (electricity, no heating)
  6. Industrial premises (heating, electricity)
  7. Wooden shed
  8. Industrial premises (heating, water supply, water supply, sewerage, electricity)
  9. Overhang
  10. Industrial premises (electricity, no heating )

About company

In 2006 Intra invested means into the 4 hectares of the industrial territory in the Talsi region. On the basis of former workshops there was built a factory which manufactures boats and constructions made of composite materials, and a number of other enterprises. Availability of a manpower, low rent price and at the same time proximity of all the communications makes it rather an attractive idea to start new enterprises in the created technological park. Besides, the Talsi region is included into the list of the Latvian regions most favorable to the business development, also using the means from the European funds.


“Intras”, Balgales parish,
Talsi region, LV-3287
E-mail: Office
Mobile phone: + 371 29 286 941

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