Intra J originally specialized in the installation of the gas networks, then mastered heat engineering works, and now these two directions are approximately equal in volume. The development line is based on the complication of tasks, introduction of novelties, which were first mastered by the company experts in Latvia. Therefore many objects of Intra J created precedents for the colleagues, who later adopted its experience.

The superiority on the market is secured by the cooperation of the Intra Serviss with 30 suppliers from all around Europe and Israel, and also the reputation generated by the years of successful work. The nomenclature of the imported products and novelties constantly extends, now not only the gas equipment is introduced into it on a large scale, but also the heat engineering one. Intra Serviss puts emphasize on the automatic devices, which help the consumers to use energy more carefully.

Intra GT manufacturers a wide spectrum of gas-regulating stations (GRS) for the industrial, municipal and domestic consumers. An assembly manufacture of GRS was organized to reduce the integration terms of such equipment and to guarantee the clients quality and reliability of its performance. Therefore the spectrum of the Intra GT customers today covers the whole territory of the republic and a various spectrum of the enterprises – from joint-stock company Latvijas Gāze to the small organizations which specialize in the installation of the natural gas networks and devices.

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